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we were here ...

... we are HERE!
WE moved ... now you can find us HERE

studio sneak peek friday : like an old chair

sunday spaces: studio mailbox

no electricity for NOW


Look What God can do!


moving sale: mixedmediaschool {.} com & more

I don't know if you heard or not, but this little blog is moving. Where to ... you say ... HERE ... it's time to move all the stuff in ... but, I've realized ... we only need so much stuff ... since the Mississippi is rising and my heart is breaking for the folks on the Delta ... oh, so many tears. 
I have a unique knack for creating ideas ... this is my gift ... I want you to dominate Google's page one too and the domains below are ready for someone, anyone to change their life. I own each one of the domains below and I will transfer ownership of any one domain to you for ten thousand dollars, that's right ten grand. That's just how much I believe in the key word rich domains listed below.

If you don't have an idea for the domain. I do and I'm happy to share. E-mail me at sonyamacdesigns (.) ya…

wordless wednesday: We're moving?


soon & very soon

just a few more things to work out and a bit of word press training for me from Renee (designer of the new sonyamacdesigns site) and then we are ready to launch ... soon. Inspired Studios Magazine is still up for viewing ... after I saw a nice little Google page rank HIKE ... on Saturday

multitudes on Mondays: the influence of one strong woman {Eula}

0024 ... you can see it in this photo ... her grace 0025 ... you can see it in this photo ... her creativity 0026 ... you can see it in this photo ... her elegance
my Mother ... Eula  1937 - 1998
True strength lies in submission which permits one to dedicate his life,  through devotion, to something beyond himself.” - Henry Miller

sunday spaces: Linky Love

Happy Mother's DaY ... Check out these creative spaces .... I'm just going to give you the list ... 
Amy Powers
Leslie Shewring
Holli Conger
Erika Taylor
Amanda Blake Soule
Donna Haymore
Kelly Rae Roberts
Anna Marie Horner
That should do you for now ... love is a verb ... sonya la ... have an awesome sunday ... Today in Tennessee ... the sun's shining bright! Oh ... don't forget to check out the new issue of Inspired Studios Magazine ... this is the last day to view it for FREE! It's click able!

Sunday Spaces is a new and fresh way of sharing your special living spaces, right here in the blogosphere ... we've had an awesome start with LauraAmyLinda and Alease. I can't wait to see and share your special sunday space. It may even be your sanctuary! Join in the sunday space sharing by emailing me Sonya at sonyamacdesigns (at) yahoo (.) com ... can't wait to see where you work, relax and play ... 

Inspired Studios Magazine Spring 2011

Inspired Studios Magazine Spring 2011

View it for free ... Mother's Day weekend only!

Sneak Peak Friday: Check it out!

Me & MagCloud, are not friends at the moment ... but if you want a sneak peak of the new issue of Inspired Studios Magazine ... HERE it is ... oh and I'm finally ready to check out all the studio bees at Jennifer's ... Sneak peak Friday ... I've been missing y'all this week ... while I put this little mag. thing to bed and all ... love is a verb ... sonya la

EDIT ... I'll upload it to Issuu ... first thing in the AM ... It seams the MagCloud link is no longer working.

what a difference a year makes

Last year I published my first online publication on Yudu & Issuu. I wanted to see which one I liked the best and for me Issuu wins hand down. I designed the Spring Notes for Inspired Studio's Magazine ... right before the start of Kelly Rae Class and as most flying friends will say ... the rest is history! 
Check out my page at Yudo and Issuu ... Issuu is much easier to use ... both, basic pages are FREE!

Inspired Studios Magazine: Spring 2011 Cover

publishing soon and very soon ... love is a verb ... sonya la

Wordless Wednesday: What Was ... before the Great Tennessee flood of 2010 & yes on my knees I cried


What a girl wants ...

Confetti 4pc Bowl Set - Assorted Brights ... I once had a very similar set, but my sweet children broke them all. I am so super excited to find them again ... but it's not my birthday any more ... the wait is on. Don't you just love the colors. This is my kind of vintage ... NEW

the gifts of a fallen tree ...


Sunday Spaces: Rose Brady ... sneak peek

Welcome to Sunday Spaces and please allow me to introduce to you artist and Inspired Studios Magazine reader ... Rose Brady. The photos of this Sunday Space are the property of Rose Brady and have been republished here with permission & grace. You just gotta love this creative girl Rosey  ... I'm Thankful to Rose for sharing photos of her creative space with us. 

You can read more about Rose and see more photos of her hard working creative space soon ... she is our Inspired Reader Spotlight story for the quarter ... yes ... Inspired Studios Magazine is still in production but will publish ... soon and very soon as in Monday or Tuesday of this very week!

have an awesome Sunday ... love is a verb ... sonya la

The Art of Charley Davidson

Please meet the sax man ... a life size work of art created by Charley Davidson ... a local artist from ... right here in the Boro ... Check Charlie out in the new issue of Inspired Studios Magazine ... so sorry for the super bad pic ...

studio sneak peak friday: a wondering week

then, the wind blew over my mail box and they fixed it then my lawn mowers broke again and they mowed the grass ............. you see ... there always some background chatter and I am at home ... but never alone.

joining Jennifer today  for sneak peak Friday love is a verb ...  sonya la

Where's The CLOSER

This guy I worked with at the newspaper ...
a professor at MTSU
a doctor ... you know a PHD
gave me a nick name ...
yes ... he called me The Closer
cause ... no matter what
come what may
the daily news got out
the door 
now ... with so many things 
left undone ...
I'm wondering where she's at
Where's The CLOSER
it's seems as if I lost my
maybe ...

Wordless Wednesday: Tennessee Trees & Wind


April Showers bring ...

It's shower time in Tennessee ... a wedding shower, that is. While editing the April camera folder ... I came across this photo of a sweet & lovely shower table for a soon to be bride. I just love how my artwork often comes in handy for a more than sweet shower or wedding gift.
love is a verb ... sonya la

easter cans

got a little crazy on Saturday ... making easter cans. After the pancake breakfast & egg hunt ... there was a bit too much candy around the house ... what to do ... make some random easter cans for a few neighbors & friends. We still have a basket full ... how about you. What do you do with all the candy?

Sunday Spaces: Your Invited

Sunday Spaces is a new and fresh way of sharing your special living spaces, right here in the blogosphere ... we've had an awesome start with Laura, Amy, Linda and Alease. I can't wait to see and share your special sunday space. It may even be your sanctuary! Join in the sunday space sharing by emailing me Sonya at sonyamacdesigns (at) yahoo (.) com ... can't wait to see where you work, relax and play ... love is a verb ... sonya la

below ... please find photos of my work space after the clean up for the Spring Issue of Studios Magazine 2011 ... these photos didn't make the cut ... so happy to share em.

paint attack

sometimes yoU just gotta paint something, anything
it's like the call of the WILD & I was called
so I did not resist
I did not fight the urge. 
After all 
it had been more than a few weeks
since I had paint on my hands
under my nails
oh, my hair was in need of a paint touch up ... for sure. It had been days ... 
since I received compliments on the oh so pretty paint streaks in my hair. no time to prime a canvas
or gesso some wood
but time did permit a 
simple paint attack 
& I so WON this round
to me the color of this paint is that of LIGHT & the LIGHT ... I always need

Sneak Peek Friday is Good Friday: so I might never forget

I keep crosses all over the place, I keep little wooden ornament crosses in the most odd places ... like ... the junk drawer or when I had a car ... I threw one in the glove box. I hang em on door knobs of doors that never open or shut ... I just hang em there ... for me to see, to catch sight of ... as I wonder or dance through a room ... I just might see WHO is keeping me. A brief and subtle reminder of my redeemer ... every where I turn.

I glued the little green cross to the wooden cross ... to make one cross ... so I might never forget ... I keep this cross ... atop of a mosaic piece ... next to a bowl and in the bowl of little rocks sits my Jesus Rock, so if you stop by for a visit ... you might see ... what HE means to me ... this ALL sits right, next to a candle, I might light at any given moment in remembrance of what he did for you and for me. WE.

But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with h…

Inspired Studios Magazine: color story for spring 2011

I'm working hard on the new issue of Inspired Studios ... but I thought I would stop and share the inspiration for the cover color story. A watering can and a place mat ... one never knows ... just what inspires ... but this is my inspiration for the cover and NOW yet another lighting strike at this very moment in Tennessee ... better power off the mac and pc.

Wordless Wednesday: Purple play


Around here ...

Things are a bit crazy, around here. Both of my children are in the middle of TCAP's and in need of special snacks daily. Yesterday my son arrive home from school very sick and off to the ER we went. I'm really excited about the spring issue of Inspired Studios Magazine, there are a few surprises within.! 

I'm also equally excited about the pending launch of my website and this new project social media ministries. I can hardly wait to see it all come together. But wait & work & work & wait is exactly what I must do. 
Enjoy some spring ...

Multitudes on Mondays: Tennessee Country Gifts

0014 ... the work ethic of a few