studio sneak peak friday: a wondering week

when I started to wonder ... what would happen if, I ... yes me ... was not their neighbor
you see ... they play their music loud
and I like it
you see ... they are always out & about
who cares ... cause I'm always here

then, the wind blew over my mail box
and they fixed it
then my lawn mowers broke again
and they mowed the grass
you see ... there always some background chatter
and I am at home ... but never alone.

joining Jennifer today 
love is a verb ... 
sonya la


  1. Beautiful photos and beautiful wonderings...your post is a good reminder to see the good, no matter how we feel sometimes...


  2. Lovely post,one to think on and the photos are beautiful.
    Happy weekend. hugs, Amy

  3. I agree with cindy

  4. It's probably a blessing for them, that you ARE their neighbor! =) Being neighborly isn't always easy and it depends on who you what a blessing to be there for them and they for you!

  5. Beautiful pictures! Glad you are blessed with helpful neighbors, too!!!

  6. A neighbor willing to lend a hand is such a blessing! So happy you have a neighbor like that. Such pretty flowers... peonies are some of my favorites! :)

  7. Ha! Isn't that just how God works in us~ putting us in situations to rub us in those hard places and create in us soft hearts? I totally understand~ Your pretty bloom is delicious~

  8. Closer, from reading your blog I would call you a force. A force that moves her life forward. Creativity is open ended. so close is your old word, open is your new in open for business!
    God Bless,

  9. such a lovely way to capture what it means to be a good neighbor...xoRobin

  10. Beautiful post! It's sad to me when we don't take time to talk to and appreciate our neighbors. We love in a society that is way too busy! Love is definitely a verb! Happy weekend to you!

  11. I love your thoughts on your neighbors and the beautiful peony pictures.


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