paint attack

sometimes yoU just gotta paint something, anything
it's like the call of the WILD & I was called
so I did not resist
I did not fight the urge. 
After all 
it had been more than a few weeks
since I had paint on my hands
under my nails
oh, my hair was in need of a paint touch up ... for sure.
It had been days ... 
since I received compliments on the oh so pretty paint streaks in my hair.
no time to prime a canvas
or gesso some wood
but time did permit a 
simple paint attack 
& I so WON this round
to me the color of this paint is that of LIGHT & the LIGHT ... I always need

This ain't the cover ... just a MOCK up ... I was just playing .... cause you gotta start somewhere ... you see, I set the sub title type with some RANDOM words after ...

we lost the old fonts
we lost the old layout
we lost the old disc ...

HOW COULD THIS be, I save everything ... even egg cartons
so I decided GOD was TRYn to tell me something

Start anew and so I did & I just can't wait for you to see it ... 


  1. really like that green Sonya!
    It's the same color as my lower studio walls.upper part is white tongue and groove so I can hammer nails into it.
    Good choice. Hugs, Amy

  2. Isn't just like sinking into a perfect moment when you finally succumb to the call of the paint brush? Beautiful sharing here! <3

  3. love the color its great
    wanna come to my house and paint?
    you may ANYTIME

  4. I had a similar paint attack ;). Made a painting, plus I cut a few new stamps. I'm looking forward to tomorrow and new attacks ;). Enjoy!

  5. I absolutely LOVE this color! Yes, it's light! Wonderful!

  6. Sonya- you're talking my language-- shades of green-any green (except kelly green) and paint, paint, paint! It must be in the air, because I just picked up a bunch of paint chips to paint 2 rooms in my house. Spring has sprung! Happy Happy Easter to you dear friend!


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