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I don't know if you heard or not, but this little blog is moving. Where to ... you say ... HERE ... it's time to move all the stuff in ... but, I've realized ... we only need so much stuff ... since the Mississippi is rising and my heart is breaking for the folks on the Delta ... oh, so many tears. 


I have a unique knack for creating ideas ... this is my gift ... I want you to dominate Google's page one too and the domains below are ready for someone, anyone to change their life. I own each one of the domains below and I will transfer ownership of any one domain to you for ten thousand dollars, that's right ten grand. That's just how much I believe in the key word rich domains listed below.

If you don't have an idea for the domain. I do and I'm happy to share. E-mail me at sonyamacdesigns (.) using the key word DOMAIN to purchase. That's it ... that's all ... love is a verb ... sonya la


  1. Good luck,wish I was rich...
    Take care & many hugs, amy

  2. girl I can feel the momentum building...WONDERFUL JOB!

  3. Hope you move goes well. Those are great names. I'm sure someone will want one.


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