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The Spring 2021 Issue of Seamless Southern Style Magazine is in the books!

The Spring 2021 Issue of Seamless Southern Style Magazine is in the books! I am truly THANKFUL! And know we are working on The Summer Issue which will publish on Friday June 18th. After the Summer Issue, all other Issues will publish on the first day of the seasonal change month. With the exception of the planned yearly Surprise Special Editions, the publications dates are December 1, March 1, June 1 and September 1.  Stay tuned to this site for HINTS to the Summer 2021 Issue features and contents!   

The Printed Version of Seamless Southern Style Magazine (Spring 2021) is available for purchase!

  The Printed Version of Seamless Southern Style Magazine (Spring 2021) is available for purchase! Click on the image or the above link for the purchase page.

SEAMLESS SOUTHERN STYLE MAGAZINE features FREE Seasonal flip throughs plus so much more!

  SEAMLESS SOUTHERN STYLE MAGAZINE  features FREE Seasonal flip throughs and so much more!

JUST PUBLISHED! The Spring Issue of Seamless Southern Style Magazine


Celebrating the final day of National Decorating and Poetry Month!

Celebrating the final day of National Decorating and Poetry Month by  Publishing Friday April 30, 2021!

This Blog has been deserted for super long stretches of time!

TODAY, we are still celebrating twelve Years of Blogging by sharing over FIFTY blogging terms one needs to know to survive and sometimes thrive online. SEAMLESS SOUTHERN STYLE receives page one GOOGLE results and has a history of over sixty-thousand page views on site.   I started this BLOG twelve years ago with absolutely nothing but the words sonyamacdesigns! And, know I've deserted this BLOG for super long stretches of time. BUT, it just keeps on working without me. Sometimes after being aways for months on end, I'll look over and find thousands of people have been reading the foundational work I started 12 years ago.  To God be the glory, great things HE hath done and continues to do in this my one life! What we people on FACEBOOK and Instagram keep forgetting is NO ONE is searching these platforms for NOTHING and at no point in time are they searching! GOOGLE is still the king of search engines and Google is where online results count and are measured. And, one more tim

CELEBRATING A 12 YEAR BLOGIVERSARY with over Fifty need to know Blogging TERMS to survive and thrive online!

                 Over Fifty need to know Blogging TERMS to survive and thrive online! AdSense: Google ads which run on your blog and turn your blog into a money-making machine. The program (Google AdSense) has been designed for bloggers and website publishers who are looking for opportunities to display targeted text, image or video ads on their web pages—to earn money when a visitor clicks on those ads. Advertisers pay Google either by the click (PPC) or impression (CPM) and Google shares a percentage of that revenue with the AdSense publishers. Above-the-Fold: The content of a blog or webpage which appears up top before you need to scroll down. Affiliate: An affiliate is a blogger who uses affiliate marketing, or is in a referral program or revenue sharing program that compensates you in return for recommending a product, service or tool to your readers. Affiliate marketers earn commissions by promoting the products of others on their blog (via affiliate programs). Learn more ab


Sunday Spaces: Artist Laura Ludwig Hamor

Artist Laura Ludwig Hamor Welcome to Sunday Spaces and please allow me to introduce to you artist Laura Ludwig Hamor . A wife, Mother of four ... Creative Girl and CCO ... you know Chief Creative Officer . All content and photos of this Sunday Space are the property of LLHamor and have been republished here with permission & grace. You just gotta love this creative go getter Laura ... I'm Thankful to Laura for sharing her inspiring story here on Sunday Spaces ...  The story of my studio is tied in to my cancer. Good things and not so good things somethings come together. In 2003 I was finally diagnosed with  thyroid cancer . I say finally because I was sick for 10 months, constant choking and coughing all night long before I found my cancer. ~ okay, side-bar for a quick cancer story....  I was sick, and first we thought it was a virus, then maybe  bronchitis , then maybe an allergy, I coughed and coughed, I couldn't sleep. I coughed so hard, I broke two rib

A Micro Mag N less than a WeeK

  $5 Inspired Studios Magazine is here! Inspirations come and Inspirations go, then inspirations linger in our spirit, untouchable, by the outside world and we press on. Others call us crazy, but we press on. We ourselves, understand it not ... but we press on. Inspired Studios Magazine; shares stories of pressing on in our visions, that none can see.  I have a theory, about GOD, abundance and the gift of inspiration, it goes something like this ... GOD passes out inspiration, like Santa throwing candy at a Christmas Parade. Some children run, and grab the sweet stuff, eat it, before a parent can say no. Some, stand on the sidewalk wishing, they had the courage to step off the curb and grab it. And, then, there are the children, who quietly grab, themselves some candy, slip it, into their pockets, planning to unwrap it later, when they can  enjoy it's sweetness, it's flavor and it's bite. A Facebook post  this past Spring, led me to Seth Godin's post about the fut