Inspired Studios Magazine: Spring 2011 Cover

publishing soon and very soon ... love is a verb ... sonya la


  1. Love it! Sending warm wishes your way...

  2. Wish I could meet him in person
    sure love his critters!
    Hugs, Amy

  3. Oh, I like it! I remember your color inspiration too! =)

  4. Hi, Sonya, it looks fab! Lovely colors! :)
    PS: Just a short note (if not too late) 'Photo Therapy' should be written as one word (and two capitals): 'PhotoTherapy'. It's a looong story why is that... - if you want some precise answers, you know where you find me, eh? ;)

  5. the beauty of on demand printing ... it's never to late! But I'm a bit confused about the rest of the question.


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