FLEX FUEL FRIDAY PLUS Fridge and Freeze Favorites

My article "Food is fuel" is Adopted from "The Do Ahead Cook Book" (Oxmoor House) and is published on page 20 of The Summer 2021 Issue of Seamless Southern Style Magazine!

Welcome to Flex Fuel Friday and know Fridge and Freeze Favorites is in the making!

Food is fuel. And food can be flexible without being fast. Flex Fuel is a way of life which frees you to cook the dishes you want to cook when you have time to cook. The four foundations of Flex Fuel are life, longevity, storage and presentation. Flex Food is as old fashion as fridge and freeze favorites. Flex Fuel is also economic and nutritious. There is just enough flexibility in Flex Fuel to afford you the daily opportunity to fully enjoy preparing, cooking and serving delicious meals for you and your family. 

Fridge and Freeze Favorites can be refrigerated, frozen, or kept at room temperature for lengths of time ranging from overnight to one year without loss of flavor and or texture. Flex Fuel is not only a thing, but a process in which breaking food preparation down into segments like cleaning, measuring, and cooking helps you to achieve daily fast food freedom for you and your growing family.

Food is fuel for the body, mind, soul and spirit, let's learn to feed ourselves more flex fuel in the coming year!



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