Mental Health Moments: Beyond the definitions

The endless road of severe mental illness is a journey of detailed suffrage. The never-ending search for the hope of a better day drowned in worldly devices. Mental illness are disturbances in a person’s thinking, feeling and behavior. Let those three words sink in for a minute. Our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Now let these three words sink in honesty, truth, and obedience. Honesty, truth, and obedience will directly affect in a healthy way the burdens of worldly maligned thoughts, extreme feelings, and disobedience. Yes, professional medical leadership is necessary along with licensed therapists. There is yet another piece to the equation of healing. I will repeat because I want this to stick … honesty, truth, and obedience.

There is a lengthy list of major mental illness that is growing as the years go by. This reality is troubling and persists to call attention to the soul within.

Bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, depression, eating disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, and psychotic disorders. This is not all the disorders running rampant in this unhinged world we address daily. I could brief you on these, but many of you know these by name and there are massive articles on the details in terms of symptoms. Beyond the definitions, labels and bullet points are souls in tumultuous suffrage.

Let us walk the tragedy of a psychotic woman and her six-year-old child as they hold each other’s hearts in the pestilent storms of mental illness. My momma was an intelligent beautiful woman of much promise academically and in the covenant of marriage. That is until the onset of stress toppled with the strife of adultery fell upon her frail unsuspecting shoulders. The entanglement of destressed physiology, fantasy and disobedience rapidly ravished her ability to see a holy divine perspective. The solemn tears of mental devastation, homelessness and degradation gripped not only her life but the life of her six-year-old chubby adore of thick beautiful tresses and muted bountiful glee. My momma’s eyes were vacant of hope only the lingering pestilence of hallucinations. Audible and visual pervasive counterfeit expressions kidnapped her promise of living a life in her many talents and gifting. Paranoia dismantled her ability to perceive reality. The wounds of homelessness, hunger, and sickness ravaged my young frame. I can still feel the rugged windy south side Chicago winters in a deserted dilapidated apartment building with no electricity or running water. The humiliation of rejection and mockery. Darkness filled with neglect, abuse and abandonment. Years of watching the womb that incubated me in love now the enemy of my hope.

Love filled my momma’s heart though her mind imprisoned her morning glory. The glory of the Kingdom Throne that yielded the soul of her life to create, magnify and edify her daughter by the vision of womanhood in truth. The debris of destruction suffocated my lungs in the years of my molding as an independent creation. The storms of my momma’s torturous pain negated the woman of purpose my young soul needed. Mental illness not only assaulted my precious late momma, but it assaulted my worth and my hope. That is until the Savior captivated my heart and claimed my soul with lovingkindness and divine mercy. What a testimony of his unfailing love and faithfulness available to us all!

The message for today is mental illness is claiming lives by the minute. The endless road has a detour to healing and hope. The first step is honesty, truth and obedience.

See you next week as we experience Mental Health Moments through the eyes of its pain. Souls passing through our journeys in search of love and validation.

“Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves receive from God.”  2 CORINTHIANS 1:3

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