MENTAL HEALTH MOMENTS: Honesty, Truth and Obedience


Hello friends, let’s march forward in declaring the health of our minds. The revelation for today’s journey is anything pestering our minds whether mental illness, personality flaws, abuse or anguish in the heart and soul needs three things to begin healing.

Honesty first and foremost is the path to victory. Honesty towards others is a rich delight in loving mankind. Honesty towards oneself is a delicacy of flavorful hope. The mirror of our reflection tends to deny the truth of our inner affliction. Yes, we see our outer imperfections and resolve to attend to the cosmetics of fleshly image the world says to delight in. My petition is to look deep inside the mental harbors flooding with pain and inner discord. Honesty will be painful and insult our pride of self-serving pleas to deny turmoil’s seeking to destroy our minds, bodies and ultimately our ordained legacies. For many years I blamed people, places and things. Until my back was against the wall with demons of past and present burdens gripping me in fear and delusion. I came to the realization that I must be honest within myself of the unrest in my soul before I could strategize healing.

Truth is the absolute substance required in this journey called life. “Visions” of declared personal truth based on perception from dishonor before oneself only brings inner confusion with a hostile allegiance simmering in fantasy. Fantasy creates a viewpoint that feeds our passions and selfish desires. These passions and fruitless desires crumble when bold truth floods these hostile waters with the bitter wages of regret and repercussion.  Truth is steadfast amid world prosperity and world calamity. Truth will keep you from the conjoining of fake realities delivered by the assault of falsehood. The hope of truth is its deliverance and perseverance. Truth will guard your mind, heal your heart and prosper your life.

Obedience, yes good ole obedience. That one thing that insults our “freedom” to do and act however our flesh desires.  The honest bold truth is obedience preserves the lungs of our mental fortitude. Obedience declares the blossoming joy with the proper fruits of labor. Obedience is based on solid truth never disabled by fantasy, worldly charm or the satisfaction of fleshly fancy. The distinction of a mind led by obedience is the direct safeguard of our present and future. The taste of disobedience is racy with feelings of one’s own power and pride. The very things that deliver temporary feelings of fleshly satisfaction will only hinder of all the blessings called to frame your life in eloquent beauty and sustained hope.

Over time dishonesty and veiled twisted “truth”  will produce disobedience without conscious reluctance. This toxic combination will imprison our soul in many chains of bondage.  A soul bound in restraining delusion will only create a mind tortured in mental affliction, personalities tainted with self-serving pride and hearts broken in hemorrhaging regret and its painful repercussions.

Next Saturday, we will uncover the soul bondage of mental illness and shattered personalities. There is hope in the agape love and faithfulness of our Lord Jesus Christ.

“ I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart I have overcome the world.” John 16:33

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