SIZZLING SUNDAY SUPPER: Creamy Turkey Mushroom Casserole!


HELLO, There, I just placed in the oven a super heavy pan of  turkey, noodles, mushrooms and broccoli or what some would say is Turkey Mushroom Casserole! 

The National Sunday Super pledge is coming up again in January and I would love to be ready to commit! So, cheers to me trying again! 

The receipe in my oven is that of my oldest big brother, Mitch, I call him my oldest big brother, out of habit, because I used to call my dearly departed brother my little big brother. Now you know. Any way, my casserole looked like it might cook dry, so I emptied all of the containers into one, stirred briskly and added in a little chicken broth and called her done. 

Although retired, my Brother Mitch has been in the Kitchen cooking for 45 years and he is an EXPERT at portion control!

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