WOW, it's been a while. It's been a while, since I've actually written anything here. Yesterday, my niece blessed me greatly. We have a family picture box and I guess it's been making the rounds from house to house, so not long ago, I asked my niece if she could bring it to my sister's house, so I could go through it and snap pictures with my iPhone. Anyway, yesterday, I began the journey of going through all the family pictures to share with a first cousin in Kentucky.

You see, we have an extremely large family, both, maternal and paternal. My Dad was the oldest of more than twelve siblings as was my Mother. I use the number twelve here, to say after that number, the numbers become a little shady, with infant deaths and what not.

So, the initial look through the picture box, which is really a tub, got me to thinking about my Daddy. And, since it's Dad's Day in America, why not write about one of the things my Mom and Dad loved to do most. They were a force on many things but on the feeding of folks, family, friends and foes they were a formidable force. 

Jimmie D McCllough Jr 1931 - 2006

Daddy loved to cook, grill and fry food, mainly the meat. You name it and he mastered the creative process of cooking the cut. Since, it's almost summer, let's talk about how this man would grill up a roasting pot full of chicken, hamburgers, hot dogs and yes, ribs and then call everyone and I do mean everyone to grub. Now that's some SIZZLING SUNDAY SUMMER SUPPER for ya.


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