Published! Spring 2023 Seamless Southern Style Mag Flip Book

Just Published! The Spring 2023 Seamless Southern Style Magazine Flip Book ! 

I was super blessed this winter to photograph my first cousin Kenneth Shirley at his new home, close to Franklin.
I snapped around four hundred pictures of him, for his website and the Spring Issue of Seamless Southern Style Magazine.
It was just like when, we were kids in Franklin Tennessee on Fairground Street!
We would all stay in so much trouble with Grand Daddy, Grand Ma and the Aunts. The Uncles like to play too much and help keep us all in trouble.
That still standing small house sent more love out into the would then most folks could dream or imagine.
We have the best time working and dreaming of ways to better help people experience the Joy of Home Ownership.
I experienced a deep hurt, the first week of January. In addition to my sister being so sick, some folks, family, friends and foes took the opportunity to not speak TRUTH to me, when TRUTH is all that was needed.
So, thankfully, what GOD speaks in Romans 8:28 is no thing but TRUE.
And I am here to testify:
HE will go before you and OPEN A DOOR of another, better opportunity, which will heal the hurt as well as answer ancient prayers, which stand to bless many others in the process.
For we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose! Romans 8:28
And we ain't got time, nor the capacity of heart to be angry about anything The Lord God Almighty has CLOSED.
Our grief is not GREATER than GOD!
HE alone is ABLE. But, know all the while we are living in the mist of grief our GREAT and MIGHTY GOD is redirecting and it is our job as his believing children to be GUIDED by HIS redirecting.
Check out this work, these TWO COUSINS have started small at SIXTY and know "KENNETH KNOWS REAL ESTATE!" and his first cousin/classmate formally known as sonyamacdesigns is super blessed and thankful to photograph, design and write about most anything.
The most anything also includes promotional items such as T-SHIRTS brochures and such!


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