WE MOVED AGAIN: (NOVEMBER 29 - 2022) The Cottage Condo!

We moved again and me and the MISTER said a super long goodby to the Temporary Tiny Place For Two! It became a super long goodby as we just moved to a different unit on the same floor of our Condo Complex Community.  After, all these many year: We now have a LIVING ROOM! 

Inspiration Photo from Google

I've been super quiet about this particular moved but we've known about it since we met our new landlord the day after the The Fourth of July. 

Knowing we were moving, so soon caused me to STOP decorating and styling The Temporary Tiny Place for Two. The month after we found out about the move, the MISTER had emergery surgery and was down for a short bit of time. My CHURCH and many folks, family and friends PRAYED him to healing. And, to my surprise (Thank You Lord) he's been chopping firewood in Franklin, for most of this current season. 

I have so many stored up stories. 

And, sadly my only sister is recovering from Brain Surgery at St Thomas Rutherford. But know, I am blessed to say many, many believers are praying for her and our family.

Theses are hard days as my Mother, Dad and brother are among the Dearly Departed.

The passing of my parents bookends the Holiday Season as my Dad passed away on a Black Friday and my Mother passed away on a New Years day in 1998. But God is no thing but a redeemer! Several years after my Dad passed away on a Black Friday, my husband asked me to be his girlfriend on a Black Friday! And, y'all, just last year my great nephew came home from a six month stay in the NICU on New Year's Day!

The sonyamacdesigns: Cottage Condo Living Room Layout!

Theses are hard days for me and many others, but we all have much hope this Hard Holiday Season and his name is Jesus. He is the Lily of the Valley and the Bright Morning Star. 


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