SATURDAY: STITCH, STUDY, SALON: Only Jesus Women's Conference


It's a Study Saturday, as I continue the year long preparations for The Only Jesus 2022 Women's Conference. 

Years ago, I was The Women's Ministry lead at Southeast Baptist Church, where Pastor Joe teaches on the importance of planning a year in advance and y'all it's been much more than a year of learning and planning, but, nevertheless, the date is just around the bend. Oh and please note of the many conferences listed and not listed, ours is one of the few, all free conferences on the list, all praises for this free idea, goes directly to the one who sits oh high and looks down low. 

In RL 2012 @ Southeast Baptist Church

It's also super crazy to note almost exactly 10 years ago, I quit being the lead of the Women's Ministry at Southeast to write and Cultivating a meek and gentle heart with only Jesus is almost, my first, live it and write it Bible Study. 


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