WHO OR WHAT'S TRENDING TODAY? Fall Fashion Forecast 2022


I'm not sure if you know it or not, but I truly planned on being a Fashion Designer in this my one life. Why, I even graduated from a very expensive but private fashion design school, which has now been sadly incorporated into Belmont College. 

In the 1985 graduation picture below, I made and designed my dress for the occasion. I'm pretty sure, I still love to sew, but it's been a while. I also assisted in the buying of fashions for Nashville based boutique stores in my twenties which were the eighties. This meant many travels to Atlanta and Manhattan to attend seasonal buying shows. Both of my children were birthed in my thirties, so my twenties were full of much traveling treasures. So, know, I don't miss traveling the highways and byways today. As, a matter of fact, I prefer to be at home. You could easily say, I'm a homebody. 

O'More - Fashion Class of 1985

Now, that I've brought you up to speed on my education and experience in fashion, let's get started on the Fall Fashion Forecast for 2022!

Let me just say, right here at the beginning of our, Fall Fashion Forecast for 2022, if you could just take away or simply dismiss one thing from your wardrobe and add one thing, the one thing to dismiss is neutral colored animal prints (let them go) and the one thing I would highly recommend adding is a Bomber Jacket! 

There, I said it, the Bomber Jacket is a must have for Fall 2022! 

Your new and or vintage Bomber Jacket need not be leather or lined, any Bomber Jacket will update and freshen your wardrobe, especially, when adding a partially tucked graphic tee to the mix!

The Fall Fashion Forecast at SEAMLESS SOUTHERN STYLE with sonyamacdesigns continues on Thursdays, through the end of this month! 


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