Social Media Saturday : E-MAIL MARKETING

According to
Mailer LiteSocial media is one of your most effective digital marketing channels. Each platform offers different advantages depending on your target audience.

  • Facebook: Unparalleled targeting to over 1 billion active users

  • Twitter: Timely word-of-mouth promotion that can quickly gain momentum 

  • Pinterest: Very high user engagement and a track record of converting more viewers into buyers (as there are fewer steps to purchase compared with other social media platforms)

  • Instagram: Visual marketing features with ads and stories, as well as the potential for user-generated content

  • LinkedIn: Target B2B prospects from specific companies through ads, networking and content 

  • YouTube: High conversions and engagement rates, with 84% of people saying they have purchased a product or service after watching a brand video.

While social media is about casting a wide net to find more people, email marketing is the personal communication channel that helps you turn those people into long-term customers, especially if you already have long-term customers and contractors.

This week I was super blessed to work though three email marketing companies and let me just tell you, for one I've been around the block with email marketing companies like, the Chimp and Constant Contact and I finally found one I like, like like and it is EmailOctopusEmailOctopus says they are making e-mail easier and they are.


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