I'm reading this book about this guy who has a business mentor. He has an appointment with his mentor, every Monday Morning at 8;30 AM sharp, rain or shine. Well of course, he's late for his first Monday Morning Meeting, which somewhat sets the tone for the mentor relationship. I'm not exactly sure how I got my hands on this little jewel of a book, I know, for sure I did not buy it, I may have picked it up, from one of those really free bins or baskets. 

Anyway, books on Small Business and Entrepreneurship have a tendency to light my fancy. And, I am also, celebrating entering my twenty-fifth year of entrepreneurship this month! So, I've decided to review all the books I've read in regards to entrepreneurship over the last twenty four years this year, or let's just keep it to my top twelve or so. We will see. 

We have five Mondays in this month, so I will cover the lessons in this book, over the next four weeks and let this week, stand as an
Introduction to Monday Morning Meetings (Small Business Basics). 

Just to be sure we are all on the same page, I have defined some terms within the body of this post. So, I will see you next Monday for Lesson One!


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