New Bible Journals are everywhere. I just love em! 

Responding to the written word of the Lord in a written fashion is not only natural, but also , a healing process, recorded and captured in real time, which we and others can later reflect on. This is especially true in the case of prayer journals, which are wildly available as well. 

Kim Cash Tate has a few new journals available on Amazon. Kim's journals are both titled as Cling Bible Journals and one focus on the book of James, while the other focus on Ezra & Haggai.

Cling Bible Journals by Kim Cash Tate

Val Marie Paper also has a new line of 2023 Prayer Journals debuting later this month. She (Val Marie Paper) also has a dedicated Shopify Store all ready and waiting for launch day. Valerie, also has recently released a new book, titled Pray Confidently and Consistency: Finally Let Go of the Things Holding You Back from your Most Important Conversation.

And finally and locally (Nashville) the Graphic Designer & Digital Communications Specialist at New Vision Baptist ChurchCarrie Cristancho has recently released a new devotional guide titled Whatever is True & Lovely. Carrie's home base and or website is True & Lovely Co. and video content is of course True & Lovely Co on YouTube.

A page from True & Lovely 

This morning I am drinking a full cup of HALF CAFF, what's in your cup this morning?



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