I was able to read through the Bible for the very first time with the additional help of an audio version of the Bible. When I tired of reading I would turn to listening. I also used the audio version of the Bible, when I thought I might just be calling out words and not actually comprehending the WORD. 

The Key Word HEAR is used in the King James Version of the Bible over two thousand times! And, when the Lord called me back to Murfreesboro Tennessee last October, HE moved me in walking distance to one of the nations few state of the art technology centers, which houses a profession Audio Recording Studio!

Years ago RADIO was all the rave and I am one who believes what goes around comes around again and again. We live in a cyclical culture. Anyone with an internet connection can learn to properly annunciate any word within a matter of minutes. 

Below I've listed five links which answer the question as to WHY audio books are so popular.

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I will say it again, the Key Word HEAR occurs in some shape, form or fashion, over two thousand times in the Biblical text. The Lord, just may be preparing non synthetic voices.


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