After finally publishing one of my books on Amazon and Barnes &  Noble, the MISTER asked me what was next. Well, what he did not know is I had already approached The Lord God Almighty with the very same question! The ultimate reason for publishing on Amazon and Barnes & Noble at this late date is Audiobooks. 

So, now I spend many a  Saturday morning at The Technology Engagement Center learning to read better out loud. After my first recording I realized the level of difficulty I'm up against and much practice is the notable process in play. 

According to a recent article on WRITER'S Digest Audiobooks are the fastest growing format in publishing, and since I call myself a publisher, I consider myself super late or maybe just right on time to the Audio publishing game and per Zippy Owens, it's STEP UP time. 

Please also note, the folks over at AUDIBLE state the following: "We have found that people who buy audiobooks actually buy more print books than people who don’t buy audiobooks."

Our mission of The Cause of Christ Jesus is moving back to VOICE and I just can't believe I have the audacity to be surprise, when I know nothing is new under God's sun. 


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