SUNDAY SPACES is back, completely different and curated!


Photo: HGTV

SUNDAY SPACES is back, but completely different and curated by me. I started Sunday Spaces, back in the Spring of 2011 and Instagram was still in diapers and I, well I was different as well. I just love what Jill Angelo says about turning your home into a sanctuary, of course I have zero interest in Buda, but I love and believe, what she says non the less. 

Jill says and I quote: "Whatever your income, you can create a space that constantly reminds you of your own deepest values, dreams and hopes, while inspiring you to realize them. Creating sacred space does NOT require spending large sums of money. Rather it invites you to spend a different kind of currency that each of us already has: creativity, intuitive guidance, imagination and inspiration."

So, my aim with this new season of Sunday Spaces is to boldly curate and share the unique and different kind of currency each of us already has in both the ordinary and unusual places and spaces where creativity, guidance, imagination and inspiration exists.


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