No longer locking in Saturday: Stitch, Study, Salon

Stitch, Study, Salon Saturdays are coming, with just a dose of Social Media, that is! I've been praying and believe it or not, the Good Lord is faithful in the waiting. No, details for now, just still dreaming, God Size Dreams. It's been years since I was on The God Size Dream TEAM, but please know and understand, God Size Dreams evolve as we evolve. So, I'm no longer locking in Saturday for this that or the other, I'm just keeping it open for WHATEVER! 

But, this Saturday, I'm thinking about STITCHING something together again, since I now have a sewing machine and a table/desk big enough to sew and study on.

With the help of the Mister and my son, I made the seven foot desk with two solid wood doors from the Restore and some legs from Amazon. The plan is to add two drawer rolling file cabinets later, because this desk/table thing is a beast to move. I also have burlap ideas for the edges.

I can't wait to get my sewing machine out and start making things again, but for now, I thought I would just refresh myself with the basics again as I had to hand stitch something together, at work the other day. I checked out the four links below to get my hand sewing game back in order.

How to Sew by Hand, 7 Key Stitches

How to Sew by Hand, Seven Basic Stitches 

How to Sew by Hand, 6 Helpful Stitches

10 easy Hand Stitches

So, it just might be Stitch Saturday for me!


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