On Saturday, me and my friend Anyta, paid another visit to The Free Vegetable Garden here in the Boro! We had not been to Katie's Garden together in a few weeks, but Saturday, we were hunting tomatoes. So, off we went! The last time we were there we were greatly disappointed as Ms. Joyce was not there. But, Y'all, she was there in all of her seventy-five years of glory on Saturday and we sure did enjoy her company and we got some home grown tomatoes.

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Since, the March after me and Jimmy married, I've been dreaming and on and off again praying for a FARM. So, there you have it. I said it. As a little girl I lived on a FARM in England with my family. And although, I was likely too young to remember, somehow, I can never forget the pure JOY of living countryside. 

So, yes I still have a DREAM of living countryside. But, please know my DREAM also has a purpose. My DREAM of living countryside has a purpose of a Monthly Marketplace plus Monthly Movies & Meals of course the Meals would be more like a FEAST.

Anyta could sell her crochets blankets, Anne could sell her hooked rugs, Misty could sell her knotted blankets, and Lillian could sell her PB&J Smoothies, which she loves to shake and share. And YES, I could sell my journals and books at the Monthly Marketplace.

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The Monthly Marketplace is not a new idea, but a shared idea, just like Movie & Meals. Either way, I've been dreaming far beyond this day.

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