MARKETPLACE MONDAY : Shopify, The Square Card & Square Space


It is my hope and prayer to soon offer you an Online, Digital and Printed Marketplace. But, a virtual shop is necessary, but not essential for us to all move fiercely forward together. Last year, I coached a local author in establishing a publishing company, and when we got to the point of setting up her shop/store it was difficult for her to follow, my business model as she had already secured a website on SQUARE SPACE.

Square Space is an all in one type of setup, meaning you get e-commerence plus a website in one place. The Square Card is a FREE device you can use to take and process debit and credit card payments with your smart phone. And finally, Shopify allows anyone to set up virtual stores most anywhere and they also process sales taxes by state!

So, there you have it! Three digital places and spaces to sell your products and or services NOW!


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