MARKETPLACE MONDAY : Seamless Southern Style Online

I'm not really sure of what seamless southern style Marketplace Mondays Online is or is not but know, according to Wikipedia, marketplace or market place is a location where people regularly gather for the purchase and sale of provisions, livestock, and other goods. Some markets operate daily and are said to be permanent markets while others are held once a week or on less frequent specified days such as festival days and are said to be periodic markets. Markets have existed for as long as humans have engaged in trade. Thus marketplaces can be both outdoors and indoors or a combination. Today, markets can also be accessed electronically or on the internet through e-commerce or matching platforms. In many countries, shopping at a local market is a standard feature of daily life.

The sticks I'm picking up from the Wikipedia are gather, regularly, purchase, permanent, engage, sale, provision, other goods, once a week, outdoors, indoors, internet, local, standard.

For many years, I was blessed to attend and my son participated in the production of Bethlehem Marketplace, which, prior to 2020 was held annually each December at Southeast's Baptist Church in Murfreesboro Tennessee. This is the place where the term marketplace pierced my person and I will never let go of the joy, I experienced then and there.

So, there you have it, some background on the marketplace and me. 

Come back next Monday (March 7th) to see what it may or may not be.


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