The path of a single woman called to purpose is detailed trust in the Lord Jesus Christ. I never felt much inner-worth from years bound in the spirit of rejection. Years of believing I was nothing more than a broken woman with zero value and talent. Hope was a distant word I heard but never recognized its validity. Though I searched with desperation to find someone to validate me. That search led me to many broken souls lost in their own misery.

At age 52 the Lord has lifted me from shame to victory! I am evolving, as I lean into the contractions of the birthing process of an author of The Kingdom Throne. The calling to author books and anthologies of poetry that glorify the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The journey has been in the intentional desire to seek not only healing but preparation. How could I lead the wounded if my own wounds were hemorrhaging?

My first resource was the unquestionable power of prayer and the Holy Bible. Nothing could ever give me hope without the love of the Kingdom Throne. There is no human leader of the faith that could ever set my soul up for the willingness to listen with an available heart. The path of a whole individual is not in the image of perfection nor the concept of being a “finished product.” Wholeness is a lifelong journey for the sweet day our Lord Jesus Christ returns. The call to Mental Health Moments created a deeper thirst allowing our Lord to satiate the hidden parched places in my soul. Then sharing the embodiment of who he is and cultivate the hope in loving others.

I encourage the broken-wounded soul to lay the fragmented pieces before the Lord in prayer. The Holy Bible must be entrusted to reshape the mind and reassess the spirit. This process positioned me to step into Mental Health Moments with clarity. Pastor Tony Evans has a delightful book titled Knowing God’s Names. When we know that God is our creator, defender, protector, provider, and healer we can begin to acknowledge him in reverence and fear. Understanding his holiness births a respect of his authority. Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend are renowned Christian psychologists that offer a group of insightful books concerning boundaries. The acclaimed "Boundariesis the perfect mate to help learn how to live life responding in healthy ways while creating boundaries. Never the detriment of walls but, healthy life sustaining hedges.

Apostle John Eckhardt takes it further. His book Destroying the Spirit of Rejection is a revelation! It is a strong, well- written script of how Satan uses our rejections whether from the womb, early childhood or later in life to invite unforgiveness, anger, bitterness, and shame into our lives to suffocate any authentic living.

Mental Health Moments is prayerfully imparting a sense of community and the warmth of being embraced with falling forward in transparency. Singleness always felt lonely until I found my purpose. Nothing in our lives will blossom if we do not seek the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Life void of healing is life as a “zombie.” Life without love is when we become robotic. Life without purpose will always attach to broken souls looking for the satiation only purpose can fill. My path to wholeness began with submission to God. The wisdom he imparts when we fall in love with him. Desiring to know him, his attributes, his names, and his distinct patterns. Obedience is necessary to draw him close. If you are tired of living vulnerable to the instability of this world look to Lord Jesus Christ. He knows your weaknesses, wounds, and the very number of hairs on your head.

But even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not therefore: ye are of more value than many sparrows. Luke 12:7 KJV

“Mental Health Moments with Brenda” is not intended or designed to diagnose, treat and or cure any form of mental illness, emotional impairments or any personality disease, disorder and or defect. All written articles and or blog posts are written with the intent to embrace, motivate and inspire. Brenda Demonbreun does not accept any liability for any disease and or illness, whether, mental, emotional or physical in regard to any and all written articles and or blog posts for “Mental Health Moments with Brenda”. It is my hope the content of any and all written articles and or blog posts uplifts and encourages the joy of seeking a better version of ourselves through personal conviction and spiritual revelation. Please seek a current state board licensed professional, for any and all mental health care. Thank you.


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