Mental Health Moments: Loneliness

Thanksgiving Day is approaching and for many the desolation of loneliness will be magnified. Loneliness is a torturous plight of feeling alone without anyone who genuinely loves us, sees us, or fills our needs. Loneliness can linger even amid marriage and family all around. There is a deep inner need that only a relationship with Lord Jesus Christ can fill. The human soul has a deep need to be valued and affirmed. The satiation in an intimate relationship with our creator. He knows our wounds and the traumas that manifest our loneliness. If left unattended depression can easily take root. How can we guard our hearts and minds when we feel lonely? How can we find the strength to deny depression especially seasonal depression and the sadness of inner emotional wounds to overwhelm us? Those heightened feelings of torment as we watch families gather while we yet again are alone. Perhaps, in the midst of a loving family there is something inside us aching for approval or attention. It can be heart wrenching to feel excluded and unseen.

I highly encourage chronic states of depression to seek medical help. Licensed professionals can help you determine the depth of your sadness and advise you to the next steps for your individual needs.

My personal experience with depression was profound. Later in this mental health series we will discuss suicide from the eyes of the pain. In this moment let us see how we can cope when the holidays leave us feeling the sting of our loneliness. The most valuable lesson I have learned is joy is a choice. The decision to find the joy in the very gift of life. Using the attributes, and availabilities the Lord has given me.

There is refreshing healing in using our talents and giftings. Taking the strength from despair and giving that strength back into the life we have been given for good things. There is joy within the human frame of hope through Lord God’s word and valuing what he has given us. We must value ourselves before we can value others. I petition the lonely in heart to take the crusade of hope by finding the joy in the smallest things. The refreshing vigor of a winter days walk. Volunteer at a local food pantry and discover the joy of helping those in dire need. Take the fruits of your talents and giftings to help your community. Many times, we realize many people want to love us, but we have closed the door to fellowship because the ones we “want” are no longer living or we have been abandoned.

Lord Jesus took the pain of sin, the humiliation of mockery so we can stand in strength and authority. Words give life or they command death. Speak the treasures of your heart! Tell the story of your despair to uplift someone else. Deny the haunting words of wounded family members or past romantic relationships to keep you stuck in mental collapse. Stand when there is nothing else to do. Stand and be determined to allow Lord God to show you the masterpiece Lord God created in you. He did it for me and there is not a single thing I did to deserve it. I decided to give Lord Jesus Christ my life, my love, my time when no one else wanted it. This day thirteen years post suicide attempt I am boldly living life with expectancy of all good things!

Now determine in your mind and heart to seek the Lord your God.”

1 Chronicles 22:19

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