Financing Friday$: Zero Spending Spree


I’m on a zero spending spree right now! It’s tuna and crackers for Lunch and regular perked coffee with my store bought bagel and whip cream cheese breakfast. Plus, dollar store nail polish has it’s rewards! 

I'm delighted to say, I’ve been here before, but know it makes it a whole lot easier to rein the spending in when your children are grown  and minding their own business. It's also super helpful if you don’t mix money with your mister. 

I’ve never counted on spending money in other people’s pockets, so if I determine I want a thing, then I’ve somehow decided, I can mentally pay for  that very same thing. 

I know it’s spending season but please know, I’m sitting this round out and almost, everyone on my Christmas List is getting one of those dollar store calendars with their favorite theme or animal on it!

I’m just saying sometimes we need to just stop all the doing, sit down and rethink our motives, moves and missions, in a manner which is better aligned with our people and our purpose. 

But, also and forever and always, let’s be sure and remember miracles matter to the Lord God Almighty. Just asked Hezekiah!


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