Mental Health Moments: Authentic living

Autumn’s fragrant reminder of relinquishing the old to prepare for the future is natures purest example of self-care. In this season let us acquire the skills to protect our mental health. Let us take back our peace and stability in belief of a better day’s forthcoming.

Authentic living prospers us from the inside out. We live in a world that encourages us to mimic illusions of worldly inclusion. The craving for acceptance will defile the inner authentic treasures of character, integrity and might. Living in the counterfeit desires of another’s brokenness will corrode the inner call to the fruits of kingdom throne authentic desire. People-pleasing is the result of succumbing to the pain of rejection. We all know that ache in our hearts due to rejections in our past. That infectious burning pestilence that brings an aching cry within our hearts and anxieties of not being enough into our souls. Rejection is the mainline intrusion into the arteries of our hope that implodes us from within. The cankerous residue of mental erosion over time takes faith and squashes it into a secluded hopeless vision of mediocrity slowly resulting in stagnating devastation.

Many of us have endured abuse whether it be verbal, emotional, or sexual. Those demeaning words to deny our existence and worth. The attack on our hearts through the onslaught of torturous treatment to dismantle our destiny and destroy healthy emotion. Preying on our sexual purity to defile our generation and our legacy with hardened hearts and corruptive behaviors. Stains in our pasts that have blotted out hope and the fertile vision to see justice pleas from the courts of heavenly domain. The angelic choir of warrior acclaim in desire to fight the battles we are not equipped to fight.

The trillion-dollar question is how do we regain that sense of hope and belief in raw enthusiastic justice? The answer is inside of us, the revelation to live according to authentic divine standards regardless of the afflictions cast upon us. For me personally I had to allow Lord Jesus to incubate me in a long season most people would label as extreme seclusion. In this season of lockdowns, social distancing and frustration are the open opportunities to absorb biblical truth and enjoy the miraculous counsel only prayer can deliver. The destruction being amplified in this season is also an open door to build the spiritual strength to take the demons of our past head on winning the spiritual battles we are called to fight. Banners of victory in our physical lives will suffocate the chafing winds in desire of our mental clarity.

Authentic living resonates the passion to live boldly in the sweet respite of peaceful glee beyond worldly understanding. It aligns the soul to a greater functionality and prospers the healing mechanism in great love. Authenticity requires zero labels and denies false motives. Mental harbors of desperation are reclaimed to the robust waves of tenacity. Authenticity cultivated inside the human atmosphere will explore the heart and shine before men in glowing waters of illuminated faith.

Please understand the moment you decide to live in the authentic YOU are when the imposters flea. The authentic person does not need fleshly validation to live freely and boldly in hopeful peace. The ignition to abundance is birthed in character, integrity, and might. The mind responds to character and honorable living with a birthed self-worth. Discretion cements the protective fencing enabling the flourishing freeing labors of prosperity to grow without hindrance. The Father of Creation observes the faithful few willing to stand in His loving desire. Might abounds because of honesty, truth, and obedience. The calming waters of a mind protected amid the ravaging storms of an oppressive, dominating maladjusted society is a miraculous spiritual gift. The owner of peace, love and faith will thrive victoriously even in the pestilence of 2021 looking forward to 2022 and beyond.

I can honestly share this testimony of healing as a woman who has been to psychiatrists, psychotherapists, and toured through the halls of facilities that hope to contain the impending mental collapse that has become overwhelming beyond numerical calculation in this country. The direct passage to my consistent healing has been in the surrender to authentic living. A standard not “validated” by fantasies of temporary self-gratification but branded in a searing revelation of biblical truth. Once lived stains of imposter syndrome that agitated my mind are now prohibited by the renewing of my mind to live in authenticity.

I pray you decide to join me. Authentic living is a lovely garden of majesty, splendor, and blossoming passion.


“So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you. I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”  

ISAIAH 41:10

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