Flex Fuel : Pulled BBQ Crockpot Chicken (Taco Tuesday)

The secret is in the Seamless Southern Style sauce. What's the secret you wonder, well I will tell ya. We don't just layer BBQ sauce on the top of pork, chicken or beef, like some of America. Down here in the South, we cook the flavor in. We cook the sauce into the meat, so it becomes one with the meat. And yes, this too, reminds me of Jesus.

This BBQ Chicken is a favorite for all my peeps working at Schwan Cosmetics in the Boro and my adult children! Thankfully, I still got it! Praise Time In Tennessee! Even I was beginning to wonder! But then, I finally remembered, the secret is in the Seamless Southern Style sauce. 

So, last night was sure enough, not Tuesday but I pilled it on for my sister and her husband, I pilled it all on! The Crockpot BBQ Chicken Nachos, were, a little too spicy for my sister, but her husband ate two plates. 

Are you one of those two plate people! Well, if you are, I've kinda listed the basic recipe below.

Crockpot BBQ Chicken Nachos

1 pack skinless, boneless chicken tenders

1 bottle BBQ sauce

1 bag shredded lettuce

1 bag Nacho Chips

1 small container sour cream

1 cut up small red or green onions

Mexican shredded cheese

1 Bottle Taco Sauce

1 small avocado (optional)

Rinse and place the chicken tenders in the crockpot. Lightly season the chicken just a little, with pepper and season salt. Pour on the BBQ sauce, then fill the BBQ sauce bottle with water and pour it on the chicken as well. Cook the seasoned chicken, sauce and water for one hour on high. After, one hour, reduce the gage to low and cook on low for an addition four hours. 

Place the nacho chips on a plated bed of lettuce, add the cooked hot meat, taco sauce, cheese and everything else and eat!



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