We are kickstarting a weekly publication to encourage and uplift mental health awareness and healing. The vision of Mental Health Moments is to walk the storms of emotional pain which often brings conscious and unconscious toxic behaviors. Reveal the detriments of stress and learn to cope in those shadowed days of loneliness. Expose fear with the reality of its pestering fatigue upon our already burdened shoulders. Investigate the weedy areas of our minds harboring anger and shame. Shine the light on pride and unforgiveness.

I will personally walk with transparency my past personal struggles with mental health issues. The pain of fear, insecurity, shame and anger. The events that led to unmanaged feelings that hindered my life. The forty-six-year journey of a lost brokenhearted woman finding hope and healing in Lord Jesus Christ. I come to you as a woman who has walked the rocky dusty road with bloody tortured feet through abuse, rape, self-harm, psychiatric hospitals, and a suicide attempt. The loneliness, abandonment and humiliation it brings. Lord Jesus Christ led me to the right professional who told me my real problem and led me to real hope. Amid it all my heart became seized with the agape love of Lord Jesus Christ. I came to know his concern, providential care and desire to show me the Brenda E. Demonbreun he created and discard the fake image the world taught me to be. It’s a love story of healing, hope and forgiveness.

Mental Health Moments desires to share, inform and cultivate transparent honesty while empowering individuals to hang on to hope while transforming from broken hearts into redeemed lives. Our walk together will be analytical, informative, poetic, forgiving and trusting in the Savior of the world!

First in line as we approach the battle line is to equip ourselves with knowledge. What is mental illness? What is a personality disorder? What is anxiety? What is a broken heart? What is a weary soul? What is abuse and its various forms? Where is the hope in all this worldly mayhem?

In the weeks to come we will uncover and pull back the many layers of the above with raw transparency, hope and love! Healing is attainable and peace awaits to take position in your soul.

Lord Jesus Christ has transcribed upon the legacy of your life many promises! Let’s find Him and in Him are the many promises waiting for fruition!

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest”.




“Mental Health Moments with Brenda” is not intended or designed to diagnose, treat and or cure any form of mental illness, emotional impairments or any personality disease, disorder and or defect. All written articles and or blog posts are written with the intent to embrace, motivate and inspire. Brenda Demonbreun does not accept any liability for any disease and or illness, whether, mental, emotional or physical in regard to any and all written articles and or blog posts for “Mental Health Moments with Brenda”. It is my hope the content of any and all written articles and or blog posts uplifts and encourages the joy of seeking a better version of ourselves through personal conviction and spiritual revelation. Please seek a current state board licensed professional, for any and all mental health care. Thank you.


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