My One Word 365 for 2020 is WORK!

My one word for 2020 is WORK! Over the years I've joined One Word 365 and I've picked My One Word as well! I also purchased the book My One Word. I'm a little partial to One Word 365 as the Founder Alece Ronzino finds home near me in The Heart of Tennessee. 

It's unfortunate but somehow I've lost all of my blog records but this one. But, some years I remember my one word more than others. In 2013, my one word was ALL. And a few years ago my one word was JESUS! So, this year I've decided that my one word for 2020 is to be WORK. 

I've worked much this year! I've spent countless hours cleaning toilets and tables but none of these belonged to me and the work was yielding zero results. I was not even able to pay my rent with my toilet/table cleaning money. By the end of last year, I was so super angry about not being able to work and or get paid for the holidays that I made my one word for 2018 ... JOY. 

My joy is to work at/with all that the good Lord has placed in my hands!

So, I quit cleaning tables and toilets! And since then, to date the Good Lord has allowed me to published several of my Key Word Bible Study Guides and Journals. Praise Time N Tennessee! 

My one word for 2020 is WORK. 

What might the Good Lord accomplish through you with one word?


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