BACK TO BLOGGING 2020 - Platforms over Pulpits

Y'all, sometimes my husband gets on my nerves! He has all of these sayings. One of his favorite saying is "It's not what you do but how you do it!" Meaning, there is a correct way to do most anything right. And, so it goes with Social Media, there is a correct way to do most everything right. And, as Daughters of The One And Only Jesus we need to come correct! All of the Social Media Channels which exist today are sources of Micro Blogging! If the channel in which you wish to share content limits the number of characters or controls the URL, this channel is considered a micro blog, meaning someone else owns the domain name from which the blog is created.

I started Blogging back in 2008 and today because of the grace and mercy of Christ Jesus, I own more than five or six top level domains (more on that later).

Currently, I am in the full on process of designing the curriculum for my very own Bible Study line and I am super excited about this move of God in this my one life.

Please also know, although I own several top level domain names from which I could easily relaunch this blog, know I have chosen to relaunch this blog from this space because it is FREE and this is exactly how I started years ago. When my children were little. When I was unmarried. When I had little time on my hands, I wrote and snapped pictures for an audience of one and this is exactly how you too can start for FREE!

As 2020 dawns my not so secret hope and prayer is more women would see the benefits of platforms over pulpits in regard to one's personal purpose in the Kingdom of God and man.

Merry Christmas and please let me know in the comment section below any questions and or concerns you may have in regards to blogging in 2020.


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