The Garden Photography Garage Workshop: Tips Tricks Tasks & Techniques : Capturing, Sharing Seeds Sense Season & Story

The Garden Photography Garage Workshop
Tips Tricks Tasks and Techniques 
Capturing Sharing Seeds Sense Season and Story
in the Heart of Tennessee (Murfreesboro)

Digital Photography Class: Back to Basics Class: 

Learn how to use your SLR Camera (No more shooting in auto mode)

Learn what things like aperture, shutter speed, exposure, and ISO mean, and how to take great photos with your digital SLR camera. Learn how to use your camera in Manual mode and so much more!

Material Covered:

*Lenses and the differences that they make, which lenses I use and the purpose of each lens

*Camera modes – Auto vs. Manual
*Shutter speed, ISO, and aperture
*How to work with natural light and how to take good pictures inside without a flash

The Garden Photography Garage Workshop


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