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Welcome to Sunday Spaces and please allow me to introduce to you artist Linda Thiltgen. A wife, Mother & Grandmother ... Creative Girl and CCO ... you know Chief Creative Officer. Yes, I say that all the time ... cause this is who we are and I want us to own it like we own the skin we are in.  All content and photos of this Sunday Space are the property of Linda Thiltgen and have been republished here with permission & grace. You just gotta love this creative Minnesota girl  ... I'm Thankful to Linda for sharing her inspiring story here on Sunday Spaces ... 

I am fortunate to have a dedicated space in my home to create. It is a lovely room that overlooks our backyard garden. My studio is my work room, my creative space and my retreat. Because I am a collage artist I have a lot of "stuff". A couple years ago at the Junk Bonanza ( I found a collage artist's dream cabinet; a twenty-eight drawer beauty from a school mail room! Thus began the start of the "organization" in my current studio which, as most of you artists know, is an on-going process and a challenge. I would like to say that it is always tidy with everything in it's place, but I would be lying. Hey, a cabinet can only do "so" much. 

My art is inspired by nature and the beauty that surrounds us in simple everyday objects and sights. Using leaves, feathers, stamps and other ephemera I create art that usually hints of my love for Asian treasures and icons. (In fact my logo is a chop of my name I had made while visiting Hong Kong) I enjoy combining textures and objects and stitching them into place.

I have always loved quotes and include a message; visible, invisible or simply wished to every piece I create. I hope my art and it’s message will be a blessing, encouragement or inspiration to the person who receives it.

I enjoy creating print and pattern, doing collage, dying fabrics, stitching, making jewelry, taking photos, gardening and making art and fun with my little granddaughters. 

Find out more about Linda on her website & follow her blog HERE!

I hope  JOY & Inspiration Stalk yoU like the wind &  Look for Linda's Story in the Fall (2010) Issue Of  Inspired Studios Magazine.
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love is a VERB sonya la


  1. what a inspiring way to start a Sunday morning. xoRobin

  2. What a wonderful space! Inspirational!

  3. Thanks Sonja for featuring me today. Wishing you all a creative day! Cheers!


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