Sunday Spaces: Bailey's pond

Welcome once again to Sunday Spaces ... It's a warm Spring day in Tennessee and our Sunday Spaces feature story was inspired on a vacation to Tennessee by this extraordinary, Michigan based artist AmyJO.  Creative Girl Amy Jo & family call this Sunday Space Bailey's Pond. All content and photos of this Sunday Space are the property of Amyjo and have been republished here with permission & grace. Once again ... you just gotta love this all around creative Golden Retriever lover Amyjo. I'm Thankful to Amy for sharing her inspiring story here on Sunday Spaces.

We call this Bailey's pond,he was our first Golden retriever. we took him on vacation to Tn. and stayed  in a cabin on a creek. it was love at first site and we couldn't keep him and his tennis balls out of the water! We loved it too.

So we decided we needed a pond for all of us.

It's a thousand gallon pond which was built by a local company. We have some large Koi,some goldfish and now and then a frog.

The pond is about 8 years old now and our beloved Bailey has his wings.
Our new 2 year old Golden is 
Willy and we still hang a sign out every spring that my daughter made for us. It says Bailey's Pond and we enjoy many hours sitting out there ,watching the fish,birds and enjoying the flowers.

Willy just like Bailey is allowed to stand in the middle pond on 
hot summer days with his tennis ball.

See & read more of Amy's awesome story in the Spring Issue of Inspired Studios ... April 15th. Amy Blogs about her art & life at Art from the Heart.


  1. Beautiful! What lucky Goldens to have such a luscious place to play!

  2. Gorgeous spot. Wish it would warm up here so I could turn on our little fountain. Well who am I kidding - wish it would warm up enough to walk outside!

  3. Sonya, Again you have shown what a creative writer you are.
    I'm delighted to share our haven with you and all your followers.Thank you for choosing me for this feature.
    Hugs & Blessings, Amy Jo

  4. I really love your pond and photos of it. There's something so...sacred...about a space like this, dogs and all!


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