Harness the power of patience to GROW your blog

While shopping the other day, I happened by some orchids, that didn't stop me and my allergies in our tracks. A large display of some very pretty orchids. But NO fragrance. NO sweet scent. I had to step back and put my nose ... right into the petals and nothing. NO smell ... Then it dawned on me ... these orchids were produce by force and the unNATURAL conditions, in which they were produced ... caused the fragence to shrink to the point of zero.

What does this have to do with blogging ... I know your wondering.

Organic growth is the key to the 

sweet smell of your blog's success. 


  1. A very worth reading post Sonya!
    Love the photo of the flowers too! Hugs, Amy

  2. wow very interesting
    like how you put the 2 together.
    its no fun to not have a smell to your flowers, hmmmmmm?


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