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In the Courage to Fly Blog Hop ... I’m writing to share ... 
Have you ever taken a risk on yourself? Pushed off the branch & flew into uncharted territory w/nothing but inspiration fueling you? I'm one of many ... check em out ... HERE ... Thanks Stephey!

single mom of two working for HIM to inspire yoU 

In order to have what you have never had - 
you must be willing to do what you have never done. 
- Les Brown

the cup broke ... it fell from a secret basket ... hit the concrete floor and just broke. as i went to clean it up i reconigized it as my own. my knees hit the concrete just like the cup. only they didn't break cause my spirit was broken enough ... enough not to want to be broken any more.

so i stood from my knees, cleaned up the tears and bent once again to pick up the broken pieces of this cup. my cup. where did it come from? did I buy it? was it a gift? ... i fear i don't remember, nor am i able to recall how this rebel of a cup came into my possession. But ... i just had to admit to myself and to my GOD, that yes this cup was mine.

so I decided right then and there to Risk it all ... our home, our life, our everything ... to work for HIM, my FATHER, our provider ... my everything

talk about some uncharted territory ... working for GOD, well that's just downright crazy & this daughter of the KING is just that crazy about Jesus.

The cup was my evidence of shame ... and now it too ... was as broken as i was.  Yes, that was me ... everyday ... 
I can do what ever I want.

My brokenness gave me the courage to fly ... to take the leap ... on one hand i have everything to lose ... but on the other hand i had so much more to gain. 

to me ... faith is a form of humble confidence. Paul wrote of this confidence in Philippines 1:6. and, then an unknown writer coined this quote. "Faith is daring the soul beyond what the eye can see."

every single time I have stepped out on Faith to do something just crazy ... something, from a whisper in my heart. I have discovered that ... that something was always something better ... something more ... something that only TIME would revel.

So many times we just need to Stand & discover then have the patience to Sit & wait.

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  1. Thanks Sonya for participating and your big huge heart! Love the quote by Les Brown,"In order to have what you have never had - you must be willing to do what you have never done." priceless words to start off the morning over here on the east coast of USA. Especially since today I continue to move into a new studio space and set my mind on expanding my business as an Artist, I'm thinking book covers. Have an inspiring day.

  2. I love leaps of faith. Every time I jump, I never really fall.

  3. I love your quote of Paul saying "faith is daring the soul beyond what the eye can see" - this just resonates so deeply! Bravo to you for following your heart, listening to the nudgings and rely on your faith. INSPIRING!

  4. faith is a form of humble confidence. yes, love that. i love the stand and discover and then sit and wait idea...i need to learn to be better at that.

  5. hey sonya finnally got to read the bloggin wow amazing your so much of a amazing intelligent womaan meeting you inspired me to jesus so much more now the writing u can just imagine i be following every day


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