been digging

side garden @ the little ranch
been digging & feeling so completely blessed.
And, today the digits in the ole bank accounts are down to only a few.
What about you?
Have you given our FATHER a chance to show up & show out on your behalf.
Yesterday ... I had this very opportunity
today I am still N complete & utter AWE of HIM.
I so wish I could share the details but for now I must hold my silence.
I've been on this depending on only HIM journey for thirty three months now ...
A few weeks ago I realized ... only boots grace my closet & now I know why.


  1. Now all this sounds very interesting...Love the Hosta's. They grow very well in our cool climate.
    Happy Weekend. Hugs, Amy

  2. Well sounds like you're relying totally upon Him. Keep diggin...and thanks for the encouragement that He Is Faithful!

  3. I love the picture its pretty

  4. It's a beautiful thing to rely on God for our provision, isn't it? As full-time missionaries we've been relying on God for 15 years and I still feel like He's teaches me and surprises me all the time!


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