Around here ...

Things are a bit crazy, around here. Both of my children are in the middle of TCAP's and in need of special snacks daily. Yesterday my son arrive home from school very sick and off to the ER we went. I'm really excited about the spring issue of Inspired Studios Magazine, there are a few surprises within.! 

I'm also equally excited about the pending launch of my website and this new project social media ministries. I can hardly wait to see it all come together. But wait & work & work & wait is exactly what I must do. 

Enjoy some spring ...


  1. Sorry about your children! Hope your son is well soon!

    So happy for you on your new endeavor! Can't wait to see the website.

  2. Good luck in all your wonderful projects. Can't wait to see the magazine and do hope your son is better soon.
    Hugs, Amy

  3. I prayed for your son
    is he ok?


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