where are yoU?

our pooch has an identity complex ... she weights 55 pounds but she thinks she weights 155 pounds
Where are you in the journey ... in/on this Creative Biz Journey of ours ... are you reviving your engine, checking out the tracks or just sitting back, enjoying the show.

Where are you ... I really would love to know ... I've been thinking about you and your journey ... I've been wondering if your journey is light or dark. I've been wondering if your on a fast track or a slow train?

Last week I bought a few domains in lieu of really good coffee. My creative purpose in life is to share your story on line & in print. My new website/blog site will be ready soon ... there is still much work to be done, to get your stories out there and soon that's just what I'll be doing ... sharing the untold stories ... every single day in a new and unique way. 

There's nothing there yet ... but a domain I purchase is CREATIVEBIZJOURNEY.COM ... cause not every one has a studio and not every one needs a studio. Some of us ... use this unheard of thing called the kitchen table ... is that you?

I'll be back later today with Reading with Robin and day 8 & 9 of the 31 Days of Creativity Challenge. 

Love is a VERB ... Sonya La 


  1. Congrats on buying a domain! That's a step!

    In my journey, I've stepped back and re-focused. I have other things to devote my time too that are more valuable to me than a little extra $$ in my pocket, so for now, at this time, crafting is for my pleasure, not for business. =)

    Have a great day!

  2. Yeah! I do use my kitchen table to paint and people walk in and think I'm on creative crack! But I don't care, and my husband doesn't care- he loves that I do my creating in the home where he can walk by and see my progress. He just ask for a space on the counters to make a sandwhich!

  3. My journey is Light and Dark smetimes on the fast track and on the slow train or following the tortis.

  4. i have a small spot in my laundry room to work but I manage to spread projects all over the house. You can always find paint brushes around my kitchen sink. I'm a bit burned out but pushing on. I tell myself I'll sleep when I'm dead.


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