First signs of spring

The forsythia is in full bloom and the buttercups ... well let's just say they are everywhere! A gift, from my daughter ... I love buttercups! What's up for me this week?

I now have three students in my local classes and 
the RBIB video summit ... continues this week 
as well as the 31 Days of Creativity Challenge
I thought of an idea to complete my BIG Stitch PC
getting more excited each day about my blog redesign
Tara starts her new Art of Action Class this week
still waiting to hear back from Inspired Studio cover request
got more great ideas for my Blogging Revelations book
and have you seen that Selling Your Soul Video?

Love is a verb ... Sonya La


  1. We still have snow & ice along with sunshine. Just heard another storm coming in Wed.
    I do envy you.
    Hugs, Amy

  2. You lucky girl! We r still looking at the bearness of winter here in the mid-west.

  3. i second what jill says, you lucky girl! still pretty wintery here...
    have a good week...

  4. busy girl, keep it up. I'm burned out so I think the computer issues I am having are a God send. I need a time out.
    Three student local! you go!!!
    sending you love and light!


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