Designer Secrets: page design tools

Designer Secrets ... this is a list of some must have tools for some awesome page design ... you might be some what surprised ... any way ... here we go ...

1. lots and lots of paper ... regular, legal & Tabloid 
2. An extreme supply of rulers
3. An extreme supply of Scissors
4. Brown craft paper
5. A bone folder
6. An extreme supply of kraft knives
7. An extra long stapler
8. A proportion wheel
9. Pencils & Markers

A well designed multiple page booklet ... has to flow ... from page to page. From cover to cover.  A rhythm is established. That's why it pays dividends to create an actual size mock up ... before one flips on the Apple.

love is a VERB ... sonya la


  1. I really enjoyed reading this post

  2. Love your post Sonya but you forgot one thing. Talent !
    Not everyone has that but you do and it shines.
    Hugs, Amy


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