Creative Girl: Chapter 7 & 8 ... Reading with Robin

Creative Girl: Chapter 7 & 8 ... Reading with Robin

Chapter 7 of this book is worth the price paid for the entire book for me. Chapter 7 looks fear in the face ... dead on. I left my job at the Big Taco Stand in a not so pretty fashion. After working nights (3 - whenever) for the Taco Stand and days getting my children off to school and to their $itter. I had major surgery. I had major surgery ... on a body that had NO rest in three years. Seven weeks of short term disability was just not enough. I went back to work long enough to cover my insurance obligations and then this still super exhausted, over worked momma of young ones (old enough to get arrested but to young to really know better) quit her job at the prompting of the voices from the ever present police scanner at the old Taco Stand. Fear of my children's safety and Fear of being arrested for neglect caused me to quit without notice. On the spot. All in one day. At this point ... I even had SITTER fears ... I wish I had an opportunity to leave my last position differently ... but, there were no other options and I have no regrets.

Now the fears are different and I love the way Katharine addresses fear "allow your fears to surface and address them with actual facts and solutions" that's the glue right there.

Chapter 8 is chucked full with some good info on Resume writing and they usually only want one page and that is never enough.

Mothering is a roller coaster ride add working to the equation and you end up with many more dips in the bucket seat for you and for me and like Elizabeth says Enjoy the Ride cause it's the ride of life!


  1. I commend you Sonya on the hard choices that you KNEW you had to make for your children. I rejoice with you that GOD continues to honor your commitment to love and care for the children HE has given you. Now the point about real solutions to real fears, praying for answers for both if us on that.


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