THE COURAGE TO FLY BLOG HOP: Stephey Baker ask some tough questions ... gets answers


Stephey Baker ask questions ... gets answers ...

The questions?

A) What do u feel keeps (or would keep) a heart light? As light as a feather & ready 2 fly!

B) What's 1 thing u need now in ur life, that upon receiving it would take U to the skies?!

C) Ever had anyone push U "out of ur comfort zone" & in so doing Made U fly?

D) Ever taken a risk on urself? Pushed off the branch flying only w/inspiration fueling u?

E) What do you love? and why? (Name at least one thing or cherished moment)

F) What message is your heart eager to share?

The answers in blog hop fashion ... thirty nine women sharing inspiration ... 
blog after blog, week after week. Meet the courageous flock

I know what your thinking. You ask yourself one question, then two and before you know it, 
you've answered all six and threw in one or two of your own ... you just created a movement 
within yourself ... well, right here and right now ... I'm giving you permission to believe 
and permission to act ...I'm giving you permission to FLY ... love is a VERB ... sonya la


  1. Thanks for your great comment and this post. Most interesting and does make one think.
    Hugs, Amy

  2. I added her to my blog list to read


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