31 Days Creativity Challenge: Day 7: 10 things I like about ME!

10 things I like about ME! Another prompt from Leslie's Creativity Challenge ... like I said before ... this is going to be a tell all journal.
  1. I'm emotional
  2. I feel deeply
  3. I'm naive
  4. I love to read
  5. I'm spiritual
  6. I'm Thankful
  7. I forget to eat
  8. I trust others
  9. I'm thoughtful
  10. I'm strong


  1. And you're beautiful and have a sweet spirit! =)

  2. lovely picture of you
    thanks for sharing about who you are

  3. Ditto what Cry said AND it would do me some GOOD to forget to eat - - - but it has NEVER happened!

  4. Thanks for sharing. I love to learn about people who's blogs I like to read :).

  5. It is really a good exercise to write the things that you like about yourself. So often those get overlooked.

  6. Such a nice picture of you. Nice to know you a little more.


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