what are yoU waiting 4?

often the hardest part of the work is the waiting ... for glue to dry ... waiting for paint to dry... waiting for the oven to preheat ... waiting for the bread to bake ... waiting to deliver ... waiting to hear back ... waiting for that call ... waiting for spring ... waiting for the seed to bud ... waiting for the flower to bloom ... waiting for the UPS man ... waiting for the mail man ... waiting in line ... waiting for the water to boil ... waiting for the train ... waiting for that plane ... waiting for concrete to set ...

what are you waiting for? what do you do with yourself to get through the waiting?


  1. What an excellent thing to post on.
    We live in a country of wanting everything now,
    It bothers me how people get so irritated if they have to wait in line to long or wait for this or that. Lets all step back and try to enjoy whats happening around us, stip and smell the roses. Im waiting for people to stop waiting and enjoy whats in the moment.


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