A Valentine's Guest Blogging Post: It's personal by Robin Norgren

Blogging Revelations: It's personal by Robin Norgren

Blogging began as a place for me to journal my life while my hubby was stationed in Kuwait back in 2008.  I wanted a way for him to peek into what I was thinking and help to foster some connection between us to ease the loneliness.  What began as simply a means to stay connected turned into a space that I began to grow and challenge my identity. 

This time frame in 2008 has turned out to be an incredibly significant season.  As I began to journal online, I started to reconnect with my love for writing.  Working full time, raising kids and managing a home had squeezed the creative life out of me.  With this new twists of events, where I was suddenly a stay at home mom of a toddler, financially strapped and alone for long periods of time, I was FORCED to look at things about myself that I let fall by the wayside.

So in 2009, when I opened an etsy shop, moving into another extension of my creative meanderings, I naturally gravitated to the idea of blogging about my experiences as a full time mama and creative entrepreneur.  And again I find that because I am tracking the highs and lows of that experience, I am more in tune with when I need to make adjustments as well when to stop and celebrate successes.

Blogging feels to me like a natural extension of how I do life.  I want to make sure I am present in the things I am attempting to do in life.  Blogging allows me to be held accountable to that desire.

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