two down, ten to go

covers to a few of my reads ... I love covers ... after I've read the book!
this is what I'm doing or have done in the past two months ... a quick review... if you will. I'm all in ... no retreats ... no regrets ... this is one crazy ... redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ ... daughter of the king!

I have sinned
I have fallen short

It's 8:10 on Saturday the 26th of Feb, Saturday. It's Praise time ... I'm hanging out in blogspher with a cup of Joe ... getting my praise on for you! By the time this post is completed it will be night time. Some Laundry will be done and some laundry will not be done. The Creative Biz Marathon helped me get real comfy with the blogger scheduler ... so this post will appear on Monday, the last day of my birthday month.

now that we got that out of the way, lets move on ... with my list of ... firsts

what I plan on doing soon ... (planning to leave some room for HIM 2 show up & show out)
  1. rightbrainers summit
  2. blog hop with Stephey
  3. big stitched post card with Beth
  4. Words of me project
  5. writeN  shootN designN paintN sewN
  6. design & publish new issue of Inspired Studios Magazine
  7. continue to blog daily
  8. I would really like a spot in Tara's Class
what I have done this year ... (a bit of the list)
  1. wrote one of my sheroes in regards to the new Issue of Inspired Studios Magazine
  2. wrote a local artist in regards to the new issue of Inspired Studios Magazine
  3. signed on with a self publisher to publish Blogging Revelations
  4. hired a web designer/programmer to design
  5. started a local art class
  6. designed some creative classes
  7. started a local meet-up group which now has 10 members
  8. sent out 3 press released in regards to Studios Magazine feature
  9. participated in the Creative Biz Marathon
  10. created a Creative Biz Journal with my biz friends
  11. created 3 videos for my YouTube channel
  12. reading Creative girl with Robin
  13. on Chapter five of One Thousand gifts
  14. Hung a shower rod in the bathroom ... used a drill for this
  15. went to court 4 times
  16. celebrated my birthday!
  17. made a decision to invest in this business of mine
  18. blogged daily ... sometime twice a day
  19. Oh ... I also bought a few domain in leu of super good coffee
  20. less facebook 
   a bit of the list ... there is so much more ... but WHO wants to know about our pooch :)


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