Ten from Tenn

In honor of my forty eighth birthday, I 'm doing a few post in a most unusual way. Later today I will post on the ten things this Tennessee girl wants for my birthday. Some thing are within my reach and budget. Some things are beyond my reach and budget and several things I just bought for myself. But for today I am about to list MY ten favorite post from little ole me, right here in Tennessee. So, here is my count down ... tell me what you think in the comments.

10. A GOD wink from a puppy pile
09. Expecting 2 swing
08. He was waitN 4 U
07. Standing Here
06. Peck with a pattern of passion & power
05. A greater purpose
04. The confidence an Open Door births
03. A shift in the current
02. The Art of perfect timing
01. Mr. President ... CHANGE is here ... A NEW Economy & Kelly Rae

OK, that's my Ten from Tennessee, for right now (in no particular order) ... the series stuff ... the shopping to follow later today!

Love is a VERB ... Sonya La


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